ESOL Parent Leadership Meets Online 2/17 @ 5pm

ESOL Parent Leadership Council Virtual Meeting (Spring 2021) Meets, Wednesday, February 17 from 5-6 pm.
Posted on 01/29/2021

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What is the Parent Leadership Council (PLC)?

A group of parents that are involved and participate in their childrens’ educational programming and academic achievement at each school or at the district level composed in the majority of parents of ELL students.  The Parent Leadership Council (PLC) is a requirement of the Florida Consent Decree.

What are the functions of the Parent Leadership Council (PLC)?

This group of parents shall monitor the implementation of the DOE/META Agreement in their school district and ensure the rights and services of the students that are acquiring a second language.

How do parents achieve a vital role in the PLC purpose?

Parents of ELL students shall be provided by their school district with leadership training and orientation to the district’s ELL Program monitoring and involvement procedures.